Kishu Inu

Kishu Inu

Sep 23,2022 · 00:01 AM UTC3 min read

In the past 24 hours, Kishu Inu had been increased steadily in the growth rate of 17.07%.

The transaction volume has climbed by 0%, and the total transaction amount has pumped by 0.12%.

How have the prices of Kishu Inu changed in the past 1 hour and in the past seven days? Kishu Inu has increased in price by 3.26% in the past hour to $0.000000000629194.The price of Kishu Inu has seen a drop over the past 7 days, dropping 23.8%.

Then how did Kishu Inu perform yesterday? Let's take a look.Yesterday, its opening price was $0.000000000560477. Closing Kishu Inu price was $0.000000000629194. And the highest price of Kishu Inu was $0.000000000649463. The lowest price was $0.000000000529647. In addition, the transaction number was 9.68349e16. Yesterday, Kishu Inu' s total transaction amount was $61143500.

In short, Kishu Inu is up 17.07% today, which is quite a big rise, and it will take time to see if it will keep this momentum all the way up.

Daniel · Sep 23,2022


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